Welcome to the Perth Hills And Trails running group website.

About us: We are a group of trail-minded runners who run the trails around Perth every week. Whilst there are usually at least two group runs per week (midweek and weekend), you would probably find any one of us running a trail any day of the week! Our group runs vary from around 1.5 hours to 8 hours, from 12km to 50km+

Our experience: We have many varied runners, with varied interests. Some focus on shorter-distance trails, some focus more on ultra distances, some enjoy a bit of track running as well! We have some multisport enthusiasts, including climbers, paddlers, and MTBers. We all, however, have experience on the trails and understand the unique challenges (and joys!) that come with running trails in WA. Running trails necessitates experience with such things as navigation, hydration packs, fuelling on the go, headlamps, snakes, blisters and blood!

Apply to join us here: Please note, use our email list judiciously for arranging runs or informing others about trail running races and such. Please keep the "noise" down.

Ours is a supportive and inclusive environment where we can all become better trained runners, but most importantly, have fun!

PHAT Code of Ethics and Safety

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Kalamunda 1K Challenge (and K2) badgeholders

Bloated Goat 1 Mile Challenge badgeholders

Logo'ed running shirts available.

Some of our group in action:

Rudi on the inaugural running of the new 25k Philosopher's loop, 2014

Liza and Allan, on completing The Sasquatch (summer series in a day), May 2015

Joe, feeling strong at the Stirling Range, April 2016

Darron (aka "DarrON"), Kalamunda, January 2016

Amanda N. Feral Pig recce, 2016

Brett, Christmas beach run, 2015

Bernadette on Mt Titlis, Switzerland, 2012

Darren, Lesmurdie north side, December 2015

Matt, in need of shade and water on our first hot summer run, Wungong, 2014

Tiff, 6 peaks run, April 2015

Ian, Stirling Ridge Top Walk, Nov 2015

Amanda, K1K, May 2015

Sanya, Quadcruncher route, March 2015

Melina, "Utopia" trail, Dec 2015

Martyn...shoe cleaning?! Serpentine Falls NP, 2012

JC, our best jumper. Lesmurdie, 2013

Steven, Lesmurdie, February 2015

Hugo, the K1K Stuffy run, May 2015

Shiri, Wed night Foursome Run, Nov 2014

Mark, May 2014, where he develops his "allergy" to the K1K!

Le Fauve (Nathan), combines fashion with balance, Lesmurdie, 2013

John (Dolomite John) in the Dog Pee yoga position (Andy averts eyes!)

Jane celebrates another hill, Wungong, 2013

Nicolas, Bloated Goat recce, Nov 2015

Irish John, finishing 2nd place at a trail race, 2012

Anita, evening "4Some History Tour", December 2014

Lukas suffering the bridge tricep dip with blistered hands from climbing, March 2016

Alex, Helena shelter out-n-back, sunset, June 2016

Vince, coffee mid-run, absolutely, Nov 2015 Jarrahdale

Andrew, induced into the mandatory bridge pushups, July 2015

Wayne, June 2015. Maybe someone suggested a bitumen run?

Chris, Kalamunda, January 2016

Silvio, our part-time Italian Phattie, Wungong, 2013

Unconfirmed sighting of the Lesser Spotted Mountain Tree Frog, the cause of all trail runners' falls